Belt drives: A better alternative to the traditional bike chain gears?

Bike chains can be a hassle. A slipping or dropped chain can catch you off guard and take a bit of time to fix, not to mention the mess. And even if it doesn’t fall off, it oftentimes leaves your hands and clothes covered in bike grease and grime, and can be dangerous if it catches the ankle of pants. Friends, there is a better alternative.


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What is it?

Belt drives are a practical, cleaner option for single speed bicycles. Made of stretch-free carbon fiber tensile cords, it replaces the bike chain and tooth sprocket with the weather resistant, flexible and durable carbon.


Belt drives are easy to maintain and hum along without a sound. Compared to the chain, belt drives are 30% lighter, impossible to derail and estimated to last more than twice the life of a traditional chain.

Since the belt drive does not require oil, it’s a much cleaner option. Oil on traditional chains will quickly collect dirt and grime, which is tracked onto clothes, hands and beyond. With the belt drive, it’s cleaner and requires less maintenance, as there is no need to clean and oil the chain.

How to get a belt drive?

Belt drives are a relatively new option. It can’t be added to a bike, the frame must be built for a belt drive. Legacy Framework bikes include belt drives as a standard feature. Learn more, including how to customize your Legacy bike with black, blue or red colored belt drive (I saw this was an option on Gates, not sure if you offer...).