Choosing a Safe Bike

Increasingly, Chicago and other cities across the nation and becoming more bike friendly. From bike share services such as Divvy to bike lanes and paths, more Americans are learning the joys of bicycling and beginning to rely on biking as form of transportation and commuting. While motorists are learning to share the road, safety is still key to biking, and should be a consideration when choosing a bike.

Transportation bikes are a safer biking option. With a focus on practicality rather than speed, and an upright posture for improved vision of potential road hazards and traffic, transportation bikes are a great option for both casual city bikers and diehard commuters.

Legacy Framework transportation bikes are handbuilt in Chicago and customized for each client for the greatest comfort, utility and safety of riders. Safety features include:

  • Generator lighting: Both front and rear LED lighting are powered by a pedal generator that shines whenever the bike is moving (brightness level/lumens?). This generator lighting is not only a greener option, but is also safer as it does not rely on battery power and will not fade.
  • Side visibility is not an issue with Legacy bikes, due to reflective sidewall tires
  • All weather braking: Drum Brakes keeps dirt and moisture on the road away from the brakes for safety.
  • Relaxed ride is a feature of transportation bikes, which are practical and run at a safe speed.
  • Arrive safely with a belt drive, a cleaner and more durable option than bike chain gears.

If you want to learn more about safety options, contact us and learn about ordering a customized handbuilt Legacy Framework bike.