What’s your biking style?

When choosing a bike, make sure it fits your ride and style. As a guide, consider the below biking profiles and options.

City biking style

You love biking around the city, and whether a coffee shop, first date or job interview, you value a reliable ride that allows you to arrive on time and in style - not covered in bike grease and mud.

The Rambler Classic is a lightweight city cruiser with a comfortable feel. Classically inspired with modern refinements, it features options built in to the sleek design to keep you safe and allows you to arrive in style, without requiring a change of clothes:

  • Drum brakes and a more lively feeling frame, built for comfort
  • Belt drive replaces traditional chain to keep your clothes and hands grease-free, and practically eliminates chain hazards on the road
  • Enclosed gears inside the hub are more durable, adds to the sleek, simple design, and will not catch your clothes or transfer grease onto clothes.
  • Generator lighting for energy efficiency
  • Equipped with fenders to avoid splashing
  • Upright riding position allows a clear view of road and traffic

The Rambler Classic can be customized to fit your needs and style. Learn more about ordering a handbuilt, quality bike to last a lifetime.

Diehard commuter

Rain, snow or shine, you’re biking to work, long distances, the grocery and parties. You’re committed, and you need a reliable bike to get you from point A to B.

[photo of Ramber Sport]

The Rambler Sport is designed and handbuilt for those who demand more performance out of their ride. This steadfast Legacy commuter bike features:

  • Disc brakes, threadless steering and stiffer frame tubing for a more responsive ride, and suits almost any speed, elevation or load that your commute includes.
  • Belt drive to practically eliminate chain hazards on the road
  • Frame geometry built for comfort and long commutes
  • Elite selection of geared hubs
  • Standard features: fenders, rack, dynamo lighting and the Gates Carbon drive
  • Upright riding position allows a commanding view of traffic, potholes and other road hazards
  • Learn more about the Rambler Sport and custom, handbuilt options.

Got some baggage?

Whether for work or play, you have cargo to haul. Beyond a basket, you need a reliable cargo bike to transport packages safely across the city or even just home from the grocery.

[photo of Ox]

Legacy bike has a new cargo bike - the Ox. Tested for the both practical and technical aspects of hauling cargo, the Ox has been designed to be responsive and safe in braking, loading and steering while carrying large loads.

Whatever your cargo, we can customize the Ox for your needs. Contact us to learn more.

Build your style

Perhaps you have unique needs or want a one-of-a-kind bike - we can help. What sets Legacy Framework Bikes apart is that all bikes are handbuilt and customized to your needs. Each Legacy bike is built to last a lifetime, make it your bike.

Contact us for special projects and learn more about building your bike.