The Legacy Rambler lives our legacy of craft and style.

This is the bike that started it all, and has been tested and improved over seven years.
Like all of our designs, The Legacy Rambler embodies classic style with modern refinement.



We hand-build each frame using the highest level of craft, precision, and quality components.

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tailored to you

Each bike is made to fit each rider's personal riding style.  



The Legacy Rambler embodies classic style with modern refinements, like the belt drive and built-in lighting.

Our customer's thoughts on riding their Rambler

In a word: smooth. I choose to keep my Rambler very basic and I love it. I feel that my Rambler responds well to my actions. It leans and turns in very fluid movements.
— Bart, Chicago, owns two Ramblers
I tend to take a more leisurely ride. For some reason Iā€™m not in as much of a rush, even on a commute.
— Rich, Chicago

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