Featured Model

The Legacy Rambler

A comfortable and stylish transportation bicycle that is the result of refinements over two years of production and customer input. It comes ready with standard features that make it the ideal bike for getting around town any time you want to hop on, day or night, rain or shine, or whether you’re dressed up or down.

Now in two versions

In the works

The Scout

Our modern interpretation of a classic Randoneur bike. Fast, Light touring - over uneven terrain. This proof of concept has been on a couple of journeys but is not in [rpduction quite yet.

Contact us to learn more or order a custom Scout for yourself.



The Big Cargo (name tbd)

Our concept for a large hauling, maneuverable cargo bike. Originally designed for restaurant catering, this could be adapted for use with any large box-like container. Unlike traditional two wheeled, front loading cargo bikes, ours places the steering above the load in order to lower the load as far as it can go, creating a very stable ride.

Contact Us for more information and further development.

Our Approach

Invest in a high-quality bike, handbuilt just for you,
that will last a lifetime - your Legacy.

A practical alternative for the modern biker traveling and arriving in style. Each Legacy Bike is one of a kind, handbuilt and customized for the client’s needs and style. Learn more about building your own bike, and whatever your style - Legacy bicycles are designed to be:

Comfortable: Upright posture, relaxed steering

Durable: Lightweight steel construction, durable color coating

Reliable: Alloy components, highly puncture resistant tires

Safe:  Reflective sidewall tires. Generator lighting shines whenever the bike is moving.

Simple:  Single speed or self-contained geared hubs. Minimize the exposed moving parts.

Sustainable/Local: Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in Chicago, IL, USA. 90% of frame materials manufactured in the USA. Color powder coating produces fewer emissions than wet painting.

To maintain a simple, sleek design, standard and custom features are woven into the design of each handbuilt bike - never treated as clunky add-ons. Standard features include: