Frame Building Class


Frame Building Class


Work alongside an expert in this 80 hour intensive course to build your own bicycle frame from scratch. Students will finish with a brand new custom bike. No prior experience required. 

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Bike: We will build a bike frame utilizing reasonably traditional geometry (horizontal top tube or possibility of sloped, road like angles), using a lugged construction method for the lowest learning curve. Selecting the materials and tuning the geometry is part of the first class, basic materials are included in the price with advanced materials adding to it. Customizations such as belt drive, adjustable dropouts and varying shift and brake styles can easily be incorporated into the design.

Timing: Ideally, large chunks of time will be best, and if consecutive weeks are possible, that is even better. I am willing to work with you on timing, within reason, taking my schedule and workload into consideration. You can see I have broken down the steps below and most are a day or two sections, some may overlap or combine so this is not a strict schedule. 

Skill: I think if you are handy and willing to learn—that's enough, it’s not very intimidating stuff. You just can't be afraid of getting a little dirty and making some stuff red hot. If we run into any fabrication/skill/confidence barriers to complete an objective in a timely manner, I would be fine stepping in and completing the objective. 

Finishing: I include a single color, in stock powdercoat (which I would do, but not teach). I would be open to giving you a discount off retail parts if you choose to build the bike out as well as access to the shop and tools to assemble. A wheelbuilding class can be added on if desired. 

Below is an outline of the topics, timeframe and price options. Supervision days would be where you have use of the shop to do any finishing/cleanup work and I would be there for consolation and refreshers or quick lessons—I see most of the days including a bit of this time as well. 

Frameset: Design and Material Selection: .5 Day
Brazing: introduction w/ Brass and Silver: 1 Day
Break for material delivery: 1 week
Fork: Material Prep, Brazing and Finish Filing: 2 Days
Chainstays: Material Prep, Brazing and Finish Filing: 1.5 Day
Main Triangle: Material Prep/Mitering, Jig Setup and Brazing: 2–2.5 Days
Seatstay: Material Prep, Brazing and Finish Filing: 1–1.5 Days
Braze-ons, Bridges: 1 day
Finish Filing, Face, Chase & Powder Prep: 1–2 days

10–11 Instructional days, 2 Supervision Days

Cost Estimate
Materials and Finishing: $900
High Quality thin wall tubing, premium lugs, premium dropouts.
Instructional Time: $2,700

Total Cost $3,600

$1,500 Deposit Due at the beginning of class to be payed with a check at our first meeting. 

Additional Supervisions Days (Above 2 included): $30/hour
Component Buildup - Will charge a reduced rate and make tools and space available
Wheel Building Class