The Rambler

Diamond Frame
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Diamond Frame
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The Rambler

from 1,950.00

A modern take on the classic city bicycle. Perfect for light commuting and around town excursions, with all the comforts of a belt drive, hub contained brakes and generator lighting. Personalize your Rambler bicycle when you Add to Cart!

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A comfortable and stylish transportation bicycle that is the result of refinements over two years of production and customer input. It comes ready with standard features that make it the ideal bike for getting around town any time you want to hop on, day or night, rain or shine, or whether you’re dressed up or down.

Standard features includes:   

• Chainless belt drive: Gates Carbon Belt Drive is a smooth, quite and clean alternative to a traditional chain that’s grease free, low maintenance, and extremely durable.

• All weather braking: Drum Brakes keep the braking away from dirt and moisture on the road.

• Wired Lighting: Hub generator powered lights are always attached to the bike and shining while the wheels are rolling – no batteries required.

• Geared hub compatibility: Internally geared hub options enclose the intricate transmission inside the hub for worry free shifting.

• Full Fenders: to keep moisture from splashing up.

• Rack Options: So the bike can carry the weight.